London Street Photography Festival: What’s your vote?

I believe shooting candid in a public environment is never easy. It’s a skill that requires practice, practice and more practice. It’s hard to pry on someone without being noticed, what with a camera pointing straight at them. I don’t use a telephoto lens, though I’m tempted to. I think that would be the easy way out.
 Most of the pictures here are shot on my Nikon DSLR at a 58mm range, though my lens is a Sigma 58-100mm zoom. I like to shoot on manual mode so that I can control the depth of field though sometimes this can prove challenging especially when a candid moment presents itself all so suddenly, it needs to be frozen somehow. That’s when the program mode comes really handy. I prefer pictures that tell a story or capture a feeling. For me Black and White photography has a timeless appeal most suited for either emotionally charged imagery or dramatic compositions. I prefer capturing the lighter moments of life in color. Sometimes, a certain place, a certain time of day and a certain composition only works in color. I like to make these decisions while I’m shooting, rather than fiddle around later in post. The set of images here are not part of a single theme but a series of moments I have captured in different places, on different cameras and totally different time zones. Each picture belongs to a set with a cohesive theme, chosen because it best reflects what I understand fits the theme for the London Street photography festival.
I spend a lot of time in post, editing out irrelevant stuff. Its tough and even tougher to edit these down further to just 8 entries. Please vote for what you think is worthwhile while you’re here. You can rate them anonymously by clicking on the ‘rate it’ slug at the bottom of the post. Or leave your preference by no. or title in the comment  section. This will help me enormously and hey thanks for the visit!

Urban warriors

The woman and the clothesline

The sweeper of the ashram

The vacant cycle rickshaw

The spectators

The sleeping dog

The monkeys day out

The inactive wayfarer

The curious and the inquisitive

The bicycle ride

Sheepish love

On the borderline

Night walk in Tahrir square

Nahargarh visitors

Bosphorous rising

An object of desire

Inside out


Ancient door

The kid and the Taksim tram

Stray but free

Mumbai march


About shabnamphoto

I'm a graphic artist with a passion for photography. I like to tell a story with my pictures. Sometimes a picture may speak on its own and at other times it may need an explanation. I'm intrigued by the ordinariness of life and enjoy documenting my life in the light and shadow of what surrounds me. Be it people, landscape, flowers, architecture or birds, the camera helps me see what I wouldn't with my naked eye.
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17 Responses to London Street Photography Festival: What’s your vote?

  1. Toby Madrigal says:

    All these pix are great, each one tells me something of where you have been and what you have seen. Some shots are amazingly colourful and bring a warmth to the viewer. Some remind me of my travels in North Africa a few years ago. I saw many sites that greatly contrasted with life in the English village I live in. I’ve taken up street photography in nearby towns and cities. Mostly I find something really interesting in and around markets and the people who inhabit them.


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  4. happypoppeye says:

    Well, I gotta say, #6 is sad, but man, that dog looks very happy for a bit of warmth. 🙂


  5. happypoppeye says:

    Well, I goota say, #6 is sad, but man, that dog looks very happy for a bit of warmth. 🙂


  6. 12 and 19 are my favorites here. Love the mystery man and the blue door. I also shoot doors, there is something about them that Im drawn to.
    Thank you for stopping by my Favorite Places on the Planet and commenting. Australia is truly a beautiful place. i can’t wait to go back.


  7. Poonam Chadha says:

    my votes are as follows
    4,6,7,12,15 – All the very best !


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  10. Aimee Rego says:

    I love all, but I would definitely have (in order of preference) 22 Mumbai march, 4 Rickshaw, 1 Urban warriors(love tittle too), 15 Mighty splash, 12 On the borderline and 2 line of colour.
    Good luck! Whens the deadline?


    • shabnamphoto says:

      Dear Aimee,

      Thanks a ton for sparing precious time for this. Really appreciate the time and effort. I’m no big deal, nor a pro like many other contestants might be. But then what do I do with an obsession? Gotta let it go somewhere! What about you? Kids will soon grow up and do their own thing, hope you’ve kept up with your gift. love and thanks for the good wishes, hope to come and see you in London!!! shabby


  11. Vrinda Mantri says:

    I love your photographs and the captions! Wish you win the gold!
    My preferences:
    2 – A line of color : I like off center subjects (chaddis and all)
    3 – The sweeper… : lovely architecture
    4 – The vacant… lovely vivacious color
    8 – The inactive wayfarer : has a languorous look
    17- Inside out (or outside in?)
    13- Night walk in …. looks really mysterious
    12 – On the borderline : riveting. sets one thinking
    18- Transection : ofcourse! because it has Uttam in it.


  12. Knita says:

    My votes:
    Would love to say all but since you need constructive feedback will restrain myself (bear in mind I am a complete layperson simply reacting to beauty in the eye of the beholder)
    2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 15 AND 19


  13. rupa gulab says:

    My preferences:
    5, 6, 10, 11, 17,20, 21, 22


  14. Uttam Sirur says:

    My votes:
    A line of colour
    The vacant cycle rickshaw
    The sleeping dog (though I preferred the other dog in the Red Fort or whatever)
    The curious and the inquisitive
    On the borderline
    Night walk in Talat Harb square
    An object of desire
    Stray but free


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