Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Abandoned places have a certain mystique surrounding them. With the face of Mumbai changing fast, I’m glad there are some places that will remain a testimony to the city’s history even if unused. These pictures are of a vet hospital in the centre of town. Surrounded by contemporary high-rise buildings that are fast replacing similar edifices, this animal hospital retains some of the charms of a Bombay that was. It dates back to 1891 and was built for a handsome amount of Rs.17000 ($274). Though the place is buzzing with activity, I was intrigued by this beautiful abandoned part of the hospital. We had visited the place for our pet’s funeral. Not surprising then that I was drawn by the strong memories and emotions surrounding the place.

Parel-Vet-hospital-2 Abandoned3 Abandoned-2 Parel-Vet-hospital5






About shabnamphoto

I'm a graphic artist with a passion for photography. I like to tell a story with my pictures. Sometimes a picture may speak on its own and at other times it may need an explanation. I'm intrigued by the ordinariness of life and enjoy documenting my life in the light and shadow of what surrounds me. Be it people, landscape, flowers, architecture or birds, the camera helps me see what I wouldn't with my naked eye.
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16 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

  1. Very good photography, Shabnam.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Shabnam your photographs are beautiful and poetic of a grand era gone by, forgotten and in ruins. What comes to mind are the lines ” as go the Parsees, so goes Bombay.” Thank you for capturing that essence with your artists eye.


  3. Madhu says:

    A stunning series Shabnam!! I love the beautifully framed opening shot in particular. What a pity that such a beautiful building has been neglected.


  4. Paula says:

    What a place! I love these captures 🙂


  5. viveka says:

    Beautiful …. gallery!!!!! Love that the pigeons are visiting . .


    • shabnamphoto says:

      Good to have you back Viveka, thank you, pigeons are everywhere, infact them and crows… any abandoned place even if left unattended for a few hours have the pigeons visiting and leaving their marks!


      • viveka says:

        Nice to be back …. We don’t have so much pigeons in Sweden, probably too cold for them.
        They are a bit like seagulls. *smile


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