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Dark, dingy but full of hope

Ride a local train in Mumbai and you can see the best and worst of living conditions in the city at one go. The spanking glass and concrete high rises contrast with the old crumbly Mumbai in a haphazard tapestry … Continue reading

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On the move

This is in response to this week’s photo challenge ending today!

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Meenakshi Temple Madurai: Did someone say they would bomb this place?

Picture this: A man called Johnson has an illicit relationship with a woman. Another man called Satish objects to this. Irked by the objection, Johnson informs the police that Satish has planted a bomb in the famous Meenakshi Temple. The 3000 … Continue reading

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Altogether elsewhere on a day at Avalanche lake, Ooty.

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Weekly Photo challenge: Spring        

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Religion: does it unify or divide this world?

The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars, you would agree. Though on the surface religion appears to bring people together, to me religious sentiment seems to arouse mostly anger and intolerance among people of different faiths. As India … Continue reading

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